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Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals

“I started with Darin in May of 2014 at 254 lbs.  As of our last weigh-in, I’m now down to 137. That’s 117 lbs in just over a year!”

-Claudell Parker

“I have bilateral cerebral palsy. It’s hard to walk at times, let alone move. I can now walk up stairs and squat my own body weight, completely pain free!”

-Chris Bugh

“I began with Darin 18 months ago and had no speck of athletic ability. He worked overtime developing a program to make me the best tennis player I can be,  I now have offers for scholarships from 3 division I schools…”

-Jamie Barnes

“In 6 weeks of working with DNS online, I’m down over 11 inches, 3% bodyfat, and pain free in my lower back. This is truly an amazing achievement considering it has been done from over 1000 miles away!”

-Amy McGuire

“I just began with Darin in March of 2015. I wanted to work with him because of his past history of injury rehabilitation. I can now bench press and deadlift completely pain free, and I just hit the 30lb loss mark. Incredible!”

-Jason Hill

“We began training with Darin in February for our wedding in October.  My fiancé is down 6% body fat and I already hit my goal weight. Thanks DNS!”

– Gina Aiello