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“A true expert in the health and wellness field”

– Dean Germeyer, Vice President, SAP

Increase the potential
and motivation of
your sales training!

Personal fitness translates into attention, stamina and endurance in challenging sales engagements.

Even if you don’t have the time to get to the gym, there are tools you can employ to tweak your performance and enhance your team capabilities.

My name is Darin Hulslander and I coach Sales Athletes. My specially developed presentations are packed with information, practical application and relevance and are designed to weave seamlessly into a 1-2 or 3 day sales training format.

See below for a highlight of me giving SAP’s salesforce the tools to maximize their impact under pressure. I will custom build a deck that will deliver value and be a fun break in your next sales training.

Examples of topics I have presented to Fortune 500 sales people include:

How your body shapes your success

Effective Nutrition For High Level Work Performance

How to Re-program Your Brain For Life


Checkout this clip from SAP's Annual Field Kick-Off Meeting

“Darin has made a career out of transforming lives”

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Darin's Feature Presentations

Nutrition for High Level Performance

This highlights simple habits and effective strategies employees can use to minimize stress and maximize energy and immunity.

Body Language and Purpose

How various posing and body language can directly influence negotiations and make you powerful.

Re-wiring your Brain

Our brain and gut’s relationship and how exercise and proper nutrition can play a vital role in our gut, and thus our brain’s success.

See what audiences are saying:

14% decrease in absenteeism for top private equity firm

96% said they learned something new and valuable during conference

95% said conference left them feeling more energized

78% said they felt better concentration in weeks following conference


Hearing Darin speak at our annual kickoff meeting was amazing. He showed us simple habits to change our life. I’m still practicing the breathing technique and my stress level is way lower!

– Sue Reymond, SAP Services

Every year we look forward to hearing Darin talk about how to become a little better version of ourselves. I’ve lost 20lbs in the past year thanks to what he taught us!

– Eric Fremont, SAP Sales

We consult Darin regularly for improving our wellness and performance. He’s great every single time and we always walk out feeling refreshed and recharged.

– George Bilicick, Lazard and Freres Co.

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